I really suck at self-promotion but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Mostly because this book has taken up so much room in my brain, I now really want it on your bookshelf!

My friend/publisher and I wrote a zine on accountability work a couple of years ago that people found really helpful and asked if we intended to expand it into a book.

He said yes while I was distracted by cat videos, which is generally how things happen in my life.

Of course once I cleaned the cheese dust off my fingers (dairy free nacho cheese Beanitos chips forever) and got to work I got really excited about this new project. Authentic accountability work is really important and just as difficult as it is important. In a world of cancellation how do we do REAL work. And just got ourselves, not because we were browbeaten into it?

I think we answered that well. I hope you agree. And if you’re curious, you can preorder the book here. You’ll get your copy before it hits stores, support USPS, and give us an idea of whether or not we need to up our print run (really helpful especially during ronas).

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