I put a buncha new downloads on my website.

Mostly because I promised my interns that I would, but let's pretend I'm just adulting so well on a Monday.

Under the “Worksheets and Printables” tab there is:

A Shadow Work guide based on Jung’s work

A mindfulness meditation tracker (with built in CBT and substance recovery prompts)

An intention setting worksheet

And also, not brand new but still fairly recent are: The 12-Week Gratitude journal download, and the DBT skills workbook (put together by my board interns)

Then under the Community Resources tab there is:

My version of the SAD PERSONS suicide assessment scale with military adaptations. (There is also an LGBTQ+ suicidality risk factor tool that’s been up for awhile but you may haven’t seen and may find useful if you work in health care.)

The “Invitational Recovery” PPT that I created with peer recovery specialist Joseph Green, using invitational learning and applying the model to recovery work, as an alternative to motivational interviewing.

I would like to thank Target for carrying “all red” boxes of popsicles (cherry, strawberry and raspberry ONLY).

I ate three of them while fighting my printer and the internetz in general this morning.