Hi Pumpkins!

So...2021. Amirite?

I was really looking forward to January. Not because I thought Covid would be magically over and a new administration in the White House would wash us clean of all our sins.

…but the holidays were tough. They are already tough work wise (being a trauma therapist during the holidays is like being an accountant during tax season). And I was looking forward to a bit of a mental break. And then there was an attempted government coup. And THEN, just last week, the power grid went down deep in the heart (clap clap clap) of Texas when we got a nasty storm blow through.

The power to the water pump that services my home (that all sounds vaguely dirty yet was no fun at all) was flipped off and on so many times, the water pressure changes caused a pipe under my foundation to bust, pushing water up through the floors of our house.

So my regularly scheduled social media shitposting was interrupted to post more specific Texas-politics shitposting.

I am, right now, sending you this from a hotel room by my office. The same hotel my out of state clients stay at when they fly in, actually.

I have the best neighbors ever who gave us house keys and said go forth and do laundry and take baths and whatever you need which is amazingly kind, but after a week of no water and no fix date in sight, I decided to be a self-boundarying neighbor and rented myself a bathroom.

Mr Dr Faith is taking advantage of the luxury of running water, but going back to the house so his 🐈‍⬛ children don’t get upset at being left home alone overnight. Yes, they are ridiculously spoiled, we’re well aware.


Now that you’re caught up on my personal life, let me tell you about the stuff you are actually interested in! First of all Thursday 2/25 I’m doing an Instagram live with Eric Dorsa, on Queen and Sober:

What else?

Do you wanna get a shit ton of my books super cheap while supporting a worthy cause? Of course you do!


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The deal is going for a couple weeks if you gotta wait until payday, too!

In writing news, the expanded anxiety book is in layouts and we’re finishing edits on the body book. Next after that is some more workbooks plus Woke Parenting co-authored with Bonnie Scott. No linky yet on that one but clearly I AM A TYPEWRITING WARRIOR HERE TO SELL YOU MORE SHIT!

And I could really use some indoor plumbing. Here’s to a less eventful March????

:::crosses fingers:::

Besitos and Unlimited Frybread,

Dr. Faith